Why UQ Junior Bullsharks?

UQ Junior Bullsharks are a welcoming and vibrant junior rugby club. We are focused on giving all children the opportunity to experience the joys of rugby across various formats of the game.

The club’s leadership is committed to showcasing rugby’s values and culture throughout the club. As much as we enjoy winning, it is fun, participation and effort we foster in our players. Being a junior rugby club means we routinely celebrate success and sportsmanship to ensure all our children feel valued and that they are an essential part of our club.

The Bullsharks were an early adopter of Tri Tag Rugby – now Rugby Australia’s official non-contact format. We have strong plans to continue this social and inclusive version of the game in 2024. We have also been long-time operators of our Modified Rugby Program (a format for children and young people with intellectual and perceptual difficulties) and Puppies (our preschool-aged Friday night program).

Our Vision

To make a positive contribution to our local community by enabling children to play rugby in a safe and fun environment.  Our ethos is fun, friendship and community.  We believe our role as a community club is to foster the love of the game within this ethos.  As players, coaches and officials we train hard, and we play to win, but never at the expense of our ethos or vision.



Our Values

We provide a safe place to play rugby, by:

    • Adopting and following all of the policies of the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union and Rugby Australia.
    • Coaching and training players to develop age-appropriate skills.


We are a club where the whole family comes to have fun and enjoy themselves, by:

    • Providing opportunities for players, parents and families to socialise and build friendships.
    • Lead a positive and nurturing atmosphere by encouraging participation by players of all abilities.
    • Modelling excellent behaviour on and off the field.
    • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through playing rugby. 


We are a sustainable, volunteer-operated junior rugby club, by:

    • Being prudent in the financial management of the club.
    • Leading with strong governance and administration of the club.
    • Operating with transparency and integrity in our decision-making.
    • Encouraging a culture where all members actively contribute their time to ensure the success of the club.