Become a Bullshark

Are you 5 to 12 years old and think you might be interested but want to have a go first? Check out one of our Come Try events to meet coaches and teammates.

Once you’re ready to lock in your spot for the season, registering is a few clicks of a button!

Our Bullsharks teams start from U6s (children turning 6 in the calendar year) to U12s. Both girls and boys play a modified version of rugby to maximise enjoyment and participation.  

U6 and U7 start with a non-contact format played on Saturdays. Once players are in U8 they are introduced to tackling. 

Teams in U10s and above transition to Sunday games and will typically train on a Wednesday evening as well. 

All registrations include a training shirt and rugby shorts

How to Register

All registration are completed through the Rugby Xplorer portal, using the app or webpage. 

Split payment options are available for fees. 


We have lots of girls playing rugby at the Bullsharks and want to encourage more girls to give it a go.  Once our female players are 11yo, there are more playing and training options geared towards female-specific competitions.  For more information, please email .

Competition rules state that children have to have turned 5 years old to play in under 6s. Younger children are encouraged to participate in Puppies until then. 

Our Bullsharks teams finish at U12s (children turning 12 in the calendar year). Players turning 13 will need to register for Junior Heavies

is the best contact for player enquires. Otherwise feel free to reach out via social media or come to one of our ‘Come Try‘ events for a chat. 

No experience is needed – it’s never too late to give rugby a go. We have experienced coaches and resources to help children quickly learn the ins-and-outs of playing rugby.