Modified Rugby Program (MRP)

MRP's History

For many years, GingerCloud Foundation’s co-founders Megan and Anthony Elliott hoped that one day their son Max, who has Autism and complex language disability, may be able to play a team sport, at their local rugby club.

However, given the complexity of his cognitive disability, they realised many elements of junior rugby would need to be modified for this to happen. During this time, Max was doing a small group rugby skills training course with another friend with a learning and perceptual disability coached by professional rugby player Dallan Murphy. From here MRP was created.

MRP at UQ Junior Bullsharks

Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is operated at UQ Junior Bullsharks with specialist support from GingerCloud Foundation.

MRP brings families and communities of neurodiverse young people together – it moves young people off the sidelines and into the main game! At the Bullsharks, we love empowering everyone to be playing rugby and ensuring all families are included in our sport and community.

While MRP is unique in its mentorship and coaching, its format mirrors our other rugby programs, with specialty Friday training and Saturday games throughout the season.

Learn More and Get Involved

Want to become part of our team? Head to GingerCloud’s website for more information and instructions on how to register.

Become a Mentor

GingerCloud’s Player2PlayerMentor Program empowers our remarkable neurodiverse young people to thrive beyond the rugby field and to live their best life. This is done via an exciting, interactive series of animation videos that explore leadership skills, social skills, communication and confidence, in a fun and friendly language, specifically for neurodiverse young people.

If this sounds like something, you think your child might be ready for in the MRP Season, get in touch via

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