Welcome UQ Junior Bullsharks Coaches

Below are some worthwhile detailed practical coaching tips for a each age group.

Coaches lead by example.  Kids participate each week to gradually progress their skills and fitness.

For younger age groups, occasionally splitting participants into smaller groups can improve focus and the ability for coaches to instruct, i.e. twenty U6 children could be split in two groups… even if they perform the same activity!

Our club is very lucky and quite unique in that we have the active support of our senior club UQ Rugby.  Each week our parent coaches are supported by a team of experienced and qualified coaches provided by the UQRFC Coaching Academy.  We are very proud of this fact and it is not something many other junior clubs can offer.

All UQ Junior Bullsharks Coaches are required to have appropriate accreditation. Contact the committee to find out when and where courses are available.


Summary Age Group Information