All training is held on Friday evenings, from 5.30pm at the club.

This brings the whole club together each week and presents an excellent opportunity for our community to catch up and unwind at the end of the week. There is a full canteen with a range of food options as well as the bar operating. 

We will also conduct twice a week training by adding a ‘whole of club’ Wednesday evening session. This is for the older grades, under 10 and above. The additional session will be used primarily as a skills session.

Training Commencements dates for 2019


U13+ U10 to U12 U6 to U9 3-5 (Puppies):
  • Training starts – Friday 15th Feb
  • Training starts – Friday 22nd Feb
  • Training starts Friday 1st March
  • Training/Playing – Friday 26th April to Friday 21 June