About Us

The club was founded in 1990 by a small group of locals who were passionate about rugby and what the game can offer young people.  From humble beginnings the club has grown and over the years thousands of kids and parents have been part of the UQ Junior Bullsharks community.  Initially known as Taylor Bridge Rugby Club, the name was changed in 2017 following the creation of a joint venture with Brisbane’s most successful senior rugby club, UQ Rugby.  Our players and coaches are supported by UQ players and representatives throughout the season, working together to develop skills and provide a pathway all the way to Colts at UQ.


The UQ Junior Bullsharks are located in Graceville Memorial Park, Queensland and draws the majority of its players from the surrounding areas.  Historically the Bullsharks have been amongst the top Junior Rugby clubs in Brisbane for player numbers, providing the roots for players who have gone on to enjoy careers in Rugby.  We cater for players aged 3-5 in our Puppies team and then steps up from U6-U17.

The club has a variety of social events that are run which include the Women In Rugby Event in which we recognise and thank the women who do so much for the club and the kids.  Our annual gala dinner dance which is the top fundraiser for the club.  

Community junior rugby provides an important platform for social and physical development for our boys and girls. On the field, junior rugby provides a controlled environment for skills development and team building as well as the physical outlet that all young kids need. Off the field, players and families enjoy the community gathering that fosters enduring relationships through numerous social events and volunteer activities.


Our Vision

To make a positive contribution to our local community by enabling children to play rugby in a safe & fun environment.  At the UQ Junior Bullsharks our ethos is, for Fun, Friendship, & Community.  We believe our role as a community club is to foster the love of the game within this ethos.  As players, coaches and officials we train hard, and we play to win, but NEVER at the expense of our ethos or vision.



Our Values

UQ Junior Bullsharks provides a safe place to play rugby

  • We adopt all of the policies of the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union.
  • We provide player training to develop age appropriate skills.


UQ Junior Bullsharks is a club where the whole family comes to have fun and enjoy ourselves

  • We provide opportunities for players and parents/carers to socialise and build friendships.
  • We encourage and value participation by players of all abilities.
  • We maintain excellent behaviour on and off the field.
  • We promote a healthy and active lifestyle through playing rugby.

UQ Junior Bullsharks is a financially sustainable volunteer junior rugby club

  • We provide prudent financial management of the club.
  • We provide governance in the administration of the club.
  • We provide transparency in our decision making.
  • We encourage all members to actively volunteer their time to ensure the success of the club.